Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finally I rocketed to the early 21st century

So this Christmas I was totally blown away when I was gifted with an ipod touch from my dear sweet TJ. I thought we had agreed to not spend on each other so much as the kids and other family as money was a bit tight this year. So imagine my surprise when what looked like maybe a deck of cards was a brand spanking new ipod!!!!!

So I have spent the last month dumping my music collection on my computer and then to the pod. Been digging deep into the huge stacks of CDs in pretty much every room of our house. I been finding things I haven't seen in years. Some of the best: John Scofield's Ray Charles Tribute, 100 Year Hall- Grateful Dead, lots of jazz, Sonny Boy, Little Walter, James Brown, Tower of Power and the list goes on.

It's just an 8 gig box, which means 6.5 usable. I got 800+ tunes on there still a couple gigs free.

What I don't understand is how I lived without one for a decade?!? It certainly enables my ongoing love affair with music of all types. I love having it when I work out at the Y, in the car, when I am teaching or practicing.

Being the technophobe that I am, I have barely used any of it's other features, except the camera, which actually works pretty good compared to my phone cam.

I am determined to get back into regular blogging, see you on the 'net.


  1. Mine's not an Ipod but it's still great (it's a Sansa Fuze). I put it on shuffle and then I have the world's best radio station ;-)

  2. Congratulations Joe! Check out the other features of that device and go to the iTunes store and just look at all of the applications that are free! You've definitely jumped aboard the Enterprise NCC-1701E! Use it for more than media, you will be amazed at the tool you have received

    For instance; you could have wrote this blog while standing in line at a show. The new version has WiFi so you could stop in for coffee and upload the blog at the coffeshop after the show (or in the theater lobby at some places) which you downloaded Yahoo map directions to before leaving the house for the show.

    You have a full fledged mini computer personal organizer in your pocket Joe! Use it!

  3. I have delved a little, posted some pics to Facebook for example.

  4. Downloaded some apps, a Merriam Webster dictionary, a metronome, a guitar chord calculator, Angry Birds.......
    Still so much more to discover!!!!